Now is the time to look for home heating assistance

Now is the time to look for home heating assistance

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The cost of heating your home is going to increase this year and according to the federal government, the war in Ukraine is the primary reason.

Congressman Richard Neal noting these high bills underscore the need for alternative sources of energy, “I also think it calls attention to the fact that we are still not there with the renewables yet and we are going to have to make those advances so we can offset the challenges that occur because of the punitive effort of President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s had a devastating impact and people are feeling it everywhere.”

Oil is up 66 percent from last year, natural gas seeing the highest prices in a decade. At least the electricity price will be stable for the time being.

“Right now our electricity rates, our basic service rates stays the same and it stays the same until January,” said Eversource Spokesperson Priscilla Ress.

Now is the time to find resources if you know the price of heating your home will be more than you can handle. If you are struggling to pay your bill there are places that can help. The Valley Opportunity Council, Springfield Partners for Community Action and the Good Neighbor Fund are places to look.

Springfield resident Nicholas Toppi says he’s particularly concerned about his elderly mom this winter, “The increase of everything including utility bills just getting out of hand, you know. Especially for people on fixed incomes and things like that. It’s really getting tough to keep on top of everything with all the inflation.”

There are small things everyone can do to keep the bill down: Running the dishwasher less frequently and keeping the thermostat at a consistently lower setting are just a few.

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