Best Internet Service Providers in Sacramento

Best Internet Service Providers in Sacramento

We looked at the 15 residential Internet service providers available in Sacramento and rated them based on five basic parameters: availability, speed, affordability, reliability and customer service.

Our top picks of Internet providers in Sacramento

Price range:

$55 to $180 per month
Bit Rate range: 25Mbps – 5Gbps
Fine print: no contract or data limit, router included
Connection types: Fiber, DSL and fixed wireless

Why you should choose AT&T
Most fiber-optic Internet coverage in Sacramento
Several levels of flexible fiber Internet packages
Established and reliable Internet service provider
Who AT&T is best for
Any household that needs an Internet service
Users who need symmetrical speeds for optimal Internet performance
Get AT&T Internet

For a versatile Internet service provider with an extensive fiber optic network and a spectacular customer service history, you should consider AT&T.

Where AT&T surpasses Xfinity is in the availability of fiber.

As one of the oldest fiber optic Internet providers, AT&T has a history of reliability and excellent customer service, beating Xfinity in both the J.D. Power awards and the American Customer satisfaction Index (ACSI) in recent years.

Price range:

$24.99 to $299.95 per month
Speed range: 50Mbps – 6Gbps
Fine print: optional contracts, unlimited data and free router on plans above 300 Mbps
Connection types: cable and fiber

Why should you choose Xfinity
Ultra-fast fiber Internet speeds
Widest coverage in Sacramento
Several types of connection and home service offers
Which Xfinity is best for
Users who need the fastest possible speeds
Large households with a variety of home service requirements
Get Xfinity Internet

If you’re looking for a fast Internet provider with multiple home services and extensive city coverage, you can’t beat Xfinity. The speed of Xfinity’s fiber Internet network exceeds that of all other fiber Internet providers in Sacramento, including AT&T, Fidium and Frontier, with symmetrical speeds of up to 6 Gbps.

As an added bonus, Xfinity customers can pair their ultrafast Internet with various home services, including home phone, mobile, TV and home security. Xfinity allows subscribers to customize and create an all-inclusive home service experience – with the convenience of a single bill.

Price :

$50 per month
Speed range: 33-182MBPS
Fine print: no contract or data limit, Wi-Fi gateway included
Connection type: 5G home Internet

Why should you choose T-Mobile
Innovative 5G Internet technology
A plan, a simple pricing
15-day money-back guarantee
Who T-Mobile is best for
Subscribers looking for a simple Internet package without gadgets
Get T-Mobile Internet

If you are tired of traditional wired Internet providers, you should turn to T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet for simple pricing, easy installation and a satisfaction guarantee. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet leverages T-Mobile’s extensive 5G infrastructure to provide download speeds of up to 182 Mbps directly to your home for a single price: $50 per month.

Side-by-side overview of the best Internet service providers in Sacramento

Best category Best global Internet provider Fastest Internet provider Cheapest Internet provider Best 5G Internet provider Best new Internet provider
AT&T Xfinity Astound Broadband Provider powered by Wave T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Fidium

Price range:

$55 to $180 per month $24.99 to $299.95 per month $19.95 to $50 per month $50 per month $35 to $165 per month
Download Speeds Up to 5 Gbit/s Up to 6 Gbit/s Up to 1.2 Gbit/s Up to 182 Mbit/s Up to 2 Gbit/s
Contract requirement

No contract Optional

No contract
Unlimited Data Limits 1.2TB to Unlimited

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