Should you upgrade to the iPhone 14?

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 14?

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 14? We compare it to the last 6 years of iPhones

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Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have just arrived, and the iPhone 14 Plus is just around the corner. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering: should you upgrade to the iPhone 14? First of all, the answer depends on the phone you currently own.

If you have a recent model like the iPhone 13 or 12, you should wait. If your phone is older, it’s worth figuring out how much you’ll earn by upgrading to a newer iPhone.

The $799 iPhone 14 (£849, AU$1,399) brings modest improvements that are appreciated but not game-changing, such as camera improvements, car accident detection and support for emergency satellite messaging. (I hope you will never be in a situation where you need to use the last two.)

The iPhone 14 also has a new internal design with easier access to internal components, which makes it easier to repair than previous models. iFixit, a website that disassembles technology products and evaluates their ease of repair.

iPhone 14 Review: a decent upgrade for the most part

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max upgrades are more spectacular, but you still don’t need to upgrade unless you can get a good trade-in.

Apple has registered its most interesting new features for the Pro line, including the dynamic island that replaces the notch, the new A16 Bionic processor and a 48 megapixel main camera sensor.

If you prefer larger phones, you may want to wait until Apple releases the iPhone 14 Plus before making your decision.

If you prefer larger phones, you may also want to wait until the $899 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus arrives on October 7th. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to buy the iPhone 14 to get camera, battery and performance improvements. on an old iPhone.

The recently discounted $699 iPhone 13 or the smaller $599 13 Mini could be a good option if you still want more storage, faster performance and an improved camera, especially if you come from a phone that is three years old or older.

This is also the only option if you want the smaller Mini and its 5.4-inch screen, since the iPhone 14 range eliminates this size in favor of the new iPhone 14 Plus at $899 with a 6.7-inch screen.

Purchase decisions will always vary depending on the budget, the current good functioning of your phone and your personal needs.

So there is no simple answer that suits everyone. But here are the biggest differences between the iPhone 14 range and previous iPhone generations to help you make a decision.

iPhone 13 pressed against the surface

The iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 range introduces new features such as car accident detection, removal of the physical SIM card for American phones and improved cameras on the back and front.

Despite these changes, the iPhone 14 is not different enough to justify the upgrade of the iPhone 13.

And even if Apple finally got rid of the famous notch of the Pro models, the 14 and 14 Plus still have one – it’s the same small notch that debuted on the iPhone 13 series.

In fact, the iPhone 14 represents “one of the most minimal year-over-year upgrades in Apple’s history,” according to CNET’s Patrick Holland, who reviewed Apple’s latest phones.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

are equipped with the A15 Bionic chip from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The screen of the 14 looks exactly like that of the 13.

Perhaps the most important change this year is the introduction of a larger version of the iPhone 14 called the iPhone 14 Plus, which has a 6.7-inch screen like the Pro Max.

This means that you no longer have to splurge on Apple’s most expensive iPhone if you want the largest screen possible.

Of course, the iPhone 14 is still highly rated, but we recommend that you save your money and skip the upgrade. If you have decided to upgrade, we suggest that you opt for an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 14 Pro Max if you can afford it.

These phones are expensive, but allow you to access some salient changes, namely a high refresh rate display, Apple’s new Dynamic Island multitasking bar, a permanent display as well as better cameras, among other features.

The bottom line: If you have an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, don’t upgrade. But if you are determined to buy a new phone, opt for the iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, especially if you must have the dynamic island right now.

The purple iPhone 12

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 12, 12 Pro
Even though the iPhone 12 line was released two years ago, they still share many similarities with Apple’s latest phones.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 support 5G, run on fast processors, offer excellent cameras and include MagSafe accessory compatibility

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