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9 Year Old Throws Pet Fish in Aquarium – Shocking Story

Tori Hamlin from Georgia found her 4-year-old son Everett asleep, holding his pet goldfish. He had pulled the fish from its tank to “pet it.” He didn’t know the fish needed the water to live. Shocked, Tori and Corey told Everett his pet had died. They explained fish need water to survive, starting a lesson on pet care and watching over kids.

Child’s Innocent Yet Tragic Mistake

Everett’s sad story highlights the need to teach kids about taking care of pets. This is very true for aquatic pets like fish. As one source points out, caring for kids became a big deal in the Victorian times. Across Europe, the idea of childhood now includes the teenage years. This incident reminds us to teach kids to respect animals.

Tori Hamlin’s Discovery

Tori Hamlin found out about the fish at night. The lid was off the tank and she couldn’t see the fish right away. Then, she noticed Everett had it in his hand. Often, kids in stories have blonde hair to show they are innocent. They’re sometimes are too innocent and believe everything.

Everett’s Confession

Tori and Corey told Everett what happened. He tearfully admitted that he had taken the fish out to pet it. But he didn’t know fish couldn’t live without water. This sad story shows why parents need to teach kids how to care for pets. The ideas of child innocence are important in these tales.

9 Year Old Throws Pet Fish in Aquarium

The first source tells us about a 9-year-old boy named Everett. He threw his pet fish into their aquarium, causing the fish to die. Everett’s mom, Tori Hamlin, found him asleep while holding the fish. The child had removed the fish from the aquarium, saying he just wanted to pet it. This sad event started a talk about teaching kids how to care for fish properly.

The story was shared in an article on March 7, 2019, at 05:43 EDT and then updated at 05:44 EDT. After going online, it got over 65,000 reactions like comments and shares. Many people felt sorry for the family and offered help by suggesting they should get Everett a new fish.

For Everett’s birthday, there’s a plan to get a new tank and more fish. The family had a long history of taking care of fish, even before Everett was born, with several tanks at one time. Their goldfish had grown old, changing from orange to another color as they aged. Now, Tori and Corey have replaced the lost fish with new goldfish for Everett. He is excited to look after them, especially at night.

Parenting Lessons and Fish Care

The story in the first source shows how important it is for parents to help kids learn about pet care. This is especially true for animals that live in water, like fish. Tori Hamlin and her husband Corey showed Everett that fish must stay in water or they can’t live. They made it clear how crucial it is to keep the fish in their tank.

Explaining Fish Needs to Children

Telling children how to take care of pets, including fish, is key. Goldfish, given the right conditions, can live for 10 to 15 years on average, and healthy ones can get up to 12 inches long in enough room. Parents who teach kids about fish needs, such as a well-kept tank, are teaching them to be responsible and caring toward pets.

Importance of Supervision

The account stresses how parents need to always watch over kids and their pets. To keep kids and pets safe, parents need to be careful and always keep an eye on how they treat animals. This helps create a loving home for both the child and the pet.

Emotional Impact on the Family

The Hamlin family went through a tough time after what happened. Everett, only 9, had his heart crushed. His parents, Tori and Corey, had to tell him that his pet fish “Nemo” was dead because of something he did. He was very sad, not understanding how his actions led to such a big loss.

Everett’s Devastation

This moment underlined how crucial it is to teach kids empathy and responsibility, especially with pets. Losing his fish hit Everett really hard. It shows that kids can be deeply affected by pet losses.

Parents’ Reaction

Tori and Corey were stunned by the news but kept calm. They explained carefully to Everett that fish need water to live. The family’s reaction highlights talking openly and being understanding with kids when difficult topics come up.

Replacing the Beloved Pet

After a sad event, Tori and Corey wanted to cheer up Everett. They decided to get him a new fish. This new fish was to replace the one Everett had sadly killed accidentally. The parents gave Everett a gift card to choose his new goldfish at a pet store. This not only helped Everett feel better but also brought the family closer. They all shared in picking out his new buddy.

Gift Card for a New Fish

Tori and Corey used a clever way to teach Everett about caring for life. They gave him a gift card to buy a new fish. This method let Everett choose his new pet. It made him feel responsible and caring towards his new goldfish.

Picking Out a New Companion

Everett went to the pet store with his gift card. He was very excited to pick out his new goldfish. This activity let Everett find a new fish, becoming his buddy. It was also a lesson about taking care of his pet. Tori, Corey, and Everett did this together. It taught Everett about fixing his mistake and taking care of a pet.

Social Media Reaction and Support

Everett’s sad mistake with his pet fish went viral fast. His mother, Tori, posted about it. The post got over 65,000 reactions and shares on social media. This big response shows how people come together online in difficult times.

Not just that, this story united people from around the globe. They all wanted to help Everett get a new fish. Such a flood of support shows how touching stories can inspire kindness.

Viral Story Touches Hearts

Tori’s post about Everett’s fish tragedy took the internet by storm. The big reaction proves that stories with real emotions go far. By sharing their story, the Hamlins let others feel their pain. This honest approach really connected with readers, bringing a lot of support and love.

This viral story and its warm reception on social media show the platform’s positive impact. It strengthens connections among people, especially over shared feelings and experiences. The Hamlins’ experience was not just a touching moment for internet users. It also aimed to raise awareness about proper pet care and the learning process of children.

Fish Care and Responsibility

The story of Everett’s fish reminds us how important it is to teach kids and parents about caring for aquatic pets. Tori and Corey were fish fans with many tanks. They knew just what a goldfish needs. But, this tale shows that we must make sure kids, like Everett, learn about fish care too.

Understanding Fish Needs

Tori and Corey knew a lot about fish care, which was handy. Yet, all parents and kids should understand what different fish species need. A goldfish can live 10 to 15 years with good care, and the right tank can help it grow up to a foot long. Knowing these facts is crucial for taking care of fish and teaching kids the right expectations.

Proper Tank Setup

Knowing fish needs is key, and so is setting up the tank right. Glass tanks can make a fish look funny from some angles. You should have at least 10 gallons of space for fish. Also, make the aquarium ready for at least 48 hours before the fish come in. When it’s time to add fish, bring in 2-3 at a time, with a week between each group. This approach helps families build a great home for their fish.

For Everett and his goldfish, their family’s knowledge on fish care was helpful. But, the story shows the need for children to learn fish care too. By focusing on fish care, families can avoid sad events and grow to love taking care of their fish.

Heartwarming Lesson in Empathy

Everett’s pet fish dying was a sad start. But his family’s reaction showed empathy and the chance to learn from mistakes. They talked to Everett gently. They explained the fish’s death was not on purpose. And that fish can’t live out of water. Then, they let Everett pick a new pet. This choice let Everett learn about taking care of pets and showing empathy.

Everett’s family taught him a big lesson when his fish died. They showed him gently what went wrong. They included him in choosing a new pet. This action helped Everett see how important it is to care for pets well.

The story’s heartwarming part is how the parents handled a sad event. They turned it into something that made Everett learn and grow. Their loving guidance taught Everett about empathy and responsibility. This lesson prepared him to be a great pet owner one day.


The story of the 9-year-old boy who accidentally killed his pet fish is a moving lesson. It shows parents must teach kids how to take care of pets, especially those in water. This sad incident teaches us about empathy, responsibility, and why careful supervision by parents is key. Tori and Corey guided Everett with care after the accident. This helped Everett learn and value his new fish friend even more.

This touching tale highlights how parents help kids know about caring for animals. It starts them on the path of being responsible pet owners. Sharing their own family story has motivated many others. They now see the value of learning about fish care and showing kindness in their parenting.

The conclusion of this story is a strong key takeaway for parents. It highlights the need for parenting lessons focused on animal care and pet responsibility. Tori and Corey’s wise handling of a difficult moment is inspiring. They’ve shown how bad situations can teach important life lessons. This story is a clear example of turning trouble into chances for better understanding and growth.


What happened to Everett’s pet fish?

At 4 years old, Everett took his pet fish out to “pet it”. Sadly, the fish died. He didn’t know fish need water to live.

How did Everett’s parents react to the incident?

Everett’s parents were surprised by his actions. But, they gently told him why the fish died. They said it wasn’t his fault.

What did Everett’s parents do to help him cope with the loss?

They got him a new goldfish with a gift card. They let Everett pick out his new friend. This way, he was part of the process.

How did the story of Everett’s incident impact the online community?

His mom, Tori, shared the story online. It quickly became popular, with over 65,000 positive responses. People wanted to help by getting Everett a new fish.

What key lessons did the incident highlight about educating children on proper pet care?

The story shows how important it is to teach kids and parents about caring for fish. It’s crucial to create a good living space for them.

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